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Low Back Pain


How debilitating is low back pain?

  • Cancer is first in the country in health care costs.  Second?  Low back pain.
  • The most common emergency room condition is low back pain.
  • What is the most common reason people miss work in the U.S.?  Low back pain.
  • Half of all Americans will experience low back pain this year, and 80% will suffer from low back pain in their lifetime.
  • Based on these statistics the chances you will suffer from low back pain at some point in your life is high.  What is frustrating to us is the amount of Americans that have never looked to chiropractic for low back care.

Back Pain is a problem that many people deal with. Whats even more discouraging to us is that many people have never tried chiropractic care.

Causes of Lower Back Pain?

There are MANY things that can attribute to low back pain, but by far the most common is caused by spinal misalignment, otherwise known as subluxations.
If you have these misalignments they can cause irritation to the surrounding nerves and nerve roots, causing anything from minor irritation to extreme pain, numbness and tingling.  We at Active Health are highly trained to locate these spinal misalignments and in how to correct the problem.
When talking spinal health we alway use the teeth as an example.  When do you get tooth pain?  When the cavity first starts or when the tooth is half rotted away?  The symptoms are always the last thing to come in all diseases, and low back pain is no different.  The spine, which protects our nervous system, is much more important than our teeth.  Yet like their teeth we often find people have waited too long to take care of their spine and their small problems have turned in to permanent ones.

What To Expect In Our Office:

It is important that we collect as much information as we can to correctly identify the cause or causes of your condition.  Because of this we do a thorough evaluation before any treatment is rendered.  But really, would you rather us guess or know when treating your condition?  A typical new patient examination will take less than 20 minutes, but the results will give us all the information we need to be able to accurately diagnose if we can help you.
Do NOT let back pain ruin your quality of life!  Call Active Health Chiropractic today and we’ll work hard to show you our commitment to excellence!
Return to health today!



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CALL US TODAY!  970.226.6556
Mon -Wed-Thurs 9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm
Tuesday 3pm-6pm (Closed Fridays)

1112 Oakridge Drive, Fort Collins 80525