Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Chad’s philosophy on chiropractic health aligns itself well with me and my family’s lifestyle and beliefs. The body is always in motion therefore should always be well cared for with “active” chiropractic care. His system for managing the body makes it super easy to keep my body healthy, not only my spine and inner core but my overall wellness. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the body goes well beyond normal chiropractic care and is reassuring which allows me to trust his care to my kids as well. I am ever referring friends to him as they love what he can do to improve their health."

- Lane E.

"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Chad’s for over 10 years. My whole family comes to him on a weekly basis. Since we’ve been getting regular care we hardly ever get sick. If I do get a cold, instead of it lasting a week or 2 it will only last a couple of days. If I feel something coming on I go get adjusted more often. Dr. Chad is kind and passionate about his work. I would highly recommend him."

- Sam

"Dr. Chad has made my life so much better. Prior to seeing Dr. Chad, I had massive headaches that were treated by other therapists and only helped relieve the pain short term! After my initial treatments with Dr. Chad, they have all but disappeared. I continue to see Dr. Chad ongoing as he has educated me in prevention rather than the treatment being the best path for my health. I truly have such a great appreciation for what he does. Thanks, Dr. Chad!"

- Nathan C.

"I have been a patient at Active Health Chiropractic for the past several years. Dr. Chad and his staff are always available with no appointment needed, to ensure my needs are met. Without the compassionate care of Dr. Chad and his staff my quality of life would be substantially reduced. Chiropractic care is an absolute must for anyone suffering with chronic back pain. Thank you, Dr. Chad."

- Marsha

"I came into Active Health Chiropractic after hurting myself water skiing. That was nine years ago and I’ve been with Dr. Decklever ever since. Both my daughter and I see him regularly and it has helped us both. I am a fitness instructor and he keeps me functioning at my best. My daughter has been fortunate to have been exposed to chiropractic since she was six. It has given her an awareness of her body and how to keep it functioning well. It’s always friendly in Dr. Chad’s office and I’ve been very grateful to have Active Health as a part of my wellness arsenal."

- Denise

"I began Seeing Dr. Decklever as a follow-up to treatment that I received in Mesa AZ. for severe pain in my lower back, hip, and leg. I was referred by my daughter whose entire family are patients of Dr. Decklever.

The x-ray that Dr. Decklever took was a big eye-opener to me that the problems I was having went beyond just the pain and had been building over several years. He explained what the e-ray showed and answered all my questions in a way that was easy to understand.

After 6 adjustments I am able to do things pain-free that for years have been difficult to do like sitting on hard bleachers, riding a long time in the car, bending over in the garden as well as other things that require bending or stooping.

Dr. Decklever really cares about the long term wellness of his patients because of the way he individualizes treatment to fit each patient.

I don’t live in Ft Collins so when I had to leave he helped me find a chiropractor in my hometown who would continue the professional, caring treatment I had received at Active Health Chiropractic.

The office has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere ad the whole staff is very easy to work with."

- Bette

"A long time patient of Active Health Chiropractic referred me to Dr. Chad in the fall of 2011 for neck and lower back pain issues, I have a history of degenerative disc disease both in my cervical and lumbar spine, and while I’ve been doing a maintenance program for over 20 years with Med-X equipment, there was still discomfort in my sacral joints and lower back.

I started with Dr. Chad in Dec. of 2011, and stuck with the recommended regime of weekly appointments, in just 4 1/2 months the flexibility and mobility has returned in my back and neck. The difference has been remarkable!! Dr. Chad is a “straight Shooter” he’ll tell you what he can and can’t do for you, and only ask that the patient make an equal commitment to stay with the recommended course of care on the road to better health. If you are having spinal issues, I would highly recommend you make an appointment to see Dr. Chad!!"

- Richard